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This is the documentation for the most current release of AppDynamics Lite. For previous releases, see the sidebar listing. Here you will find information on how to use AppDynamics Lite to monitor your application. Find what you need by using the links below or on the sidebar, or by using the search box at the top of each page.

Get started with AppDynamics Lite

For questions, please join and participate in the AppDynamics Lite community forums.

If you don't already have it, download AppDynamics Lite now!

"How to Install AppDynamics Lite" by AppDynamics, 3:17 minutes "AppDynamics Lite: An Overview" by AppDynamics, 1:26 minutes

AppDynamics Lite Product Support

AppDynamics Lite is supported by a growing developer community. Our development and support teams actively participate in our community forums. Visit the Lite forums if you have any questions, ideas for product or documentation enhancements, or if you would like to participate in existing discussions to find answers.

24x7 phone and email support is available for AppDynamics Pro customers. Consider upgrading! Watch the video to see what you get in Pro:

"AppDynamics Lite 2.0 vs AppDynamics Pro" by AppDynamics, 3:47 minutes

Join the AppDynamics Lite Community

If you are interested in more specific scenarios, best practices, want to see how others use AppDynamics Lite, want to make a suggestion, or create your own discussion, join the AppDynamics Lite community.

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